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I am Timber Shelton, aspiring paranormal horror writer from the Great Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. My passion for the written word began when I was just a little girl in pig-tails and fell head-over-heels in love with my first novel, E.B. White’s,Children's Fantasy Novel "Charlotte's Web" ”Charlotte’s Web“.  Since then, I have dreamed of writing books that made others feel that way but didn’t really consider it a possibility. Thirty years later, I am finally working to make that dream a reality.

Timber Shelton - Writer Extraordinaire
Timber Shelton – Writer Extraordinaire

After years of searching for something I was good at (that could actually pay bills), I discovered I had a knack for selling vintage clothing and lingerie online – aka Late*Bloomers on eBay – thanks in part to a little creative advertising. I rode that wave for about a decade. That gave me the courage to start dabbling in some freelance writing.  Since then, I have written for several websites, including the SendaBuddha.com, Wisegeek.com, and Insidejobs.com, and had a feature article published in “Antiques & Collecting Magazine“.  Now that I am entering the second part of my life, I think I am finally ready to throw caution to the wind and write what I love to read.  It is high time to piss or get off the pot.I am currently in the beginning stages of writing my first two horror/paranormal novels.  I’m anxious to see which manuscript fleshes out first.  Right now it is a toss up, because they both contain interesting characters who are ready to tell their stories.  I hope you will join me as I document their journey into the great unknown with this blog.

My Writing Assistants
Two of My Writing Assistants

My dear husband of more than twenty years and my darling daughter cheer me on and lift my spirits when I feel like a big literary loser (which is often). I also have four furry assistants: two cats that take turns lounging on my desk as I work, and two Chihuahuas that are usually napping at my feet. With their help I hope to finally become the novelist I think I was always meant to be.

Wish me luck.

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